Summit <3 Söder Runt

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We had a sweaty, fun and great Saturday with all the runners (every 1300 of them) from Söder Runt as well as the great team behind the race!

Did you miss out or do you need some motivation for the oncoming holidays just click on the video above – If you’re lazy and not in race mode – CLICK HERE

Beautiful weather – Check

Over 200 pizzas served – Check

Over 1000 cold beers served – Check

Let’s do it again – Check

We got company!

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It’s been closed for 40 years, but finally Hötorgsterrassen will open for the public!

Terrassen is the name for this pop-up park and food court which will take place on one of the most iconic places in Stockholm. Four different food trucks will serve tasty food for lunch and dinner during the summer, everything from middle eastern to hamburgers and a taste truck that will change it’s chef every week!

We’re happy to get company to Summit Hitech Terrassen and are looking forward to hang out with you this summer!

Have a look at the Facebook for more info HERE

What a weekend!

loppis5Thanks to everyone involved in Loppis 30 Maj and Återvinningsfesten – and to all you lovely visitors!

See more photos from Loppis 30 Maj HERE

Read more about Återvinningsfesten HERE

Thanks Rosemary Productions for the photo!

Here’s some really great news, that you already know…

loppisYou who follow us already know that we’ll have the best weekend coming up!

But if we havn’t convinced you to come or if you’re just curious about what’s going on here’s two articles that will tell you a little bit more about what’s going on. Read it and then we feel quite sure that we’ll see you around at Summit Skofabriken this weekend.

Click HERE to read the full article about our flea market!

Click HERE to read the full article about Återvinningsfesten at Summit Skofabriken.

Breaking News!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 09.44.07This is for you who’s not on the list for our newsletter!

But if you want to get the news right down in your mailbox just send us your info and we’ll hook you up.

Read our news HERE

Summit DJ at Way Out West!


DJ duo Franskild is booked for Way Out West in Gothenburg this summer!

We’re proud and happy to have Love Ojensa, 50% of the DJ Duo Franskild as our Summit DJ. Love creates all of our playlists and put some glamour to our events by playing some really good tunes.

If you didn’t already know it already we have a great DJ school that you can book to your meeting as an activity or as a starter for your after work – of course it’s our brilliant Love who will guide you through the night.

If you’re in Gothenburg this summer be sure not to miss them play at the festival area and the stage called Dungen.

Read more

Reuse & Reduce & Recycle

Don’t miss out on all the amazing and ECO friendly things on Summit Skofabriken next weekend, 30th and 31th of May.

Together with the very best of friends (Hornstulls Marknad, RoseMarie Productions & Clara Gyökeres) we’ll host a great flea market on our courtyard. There will be loads of cool clothes, tattoos by Sotarn and Natasa as well as tasty drinks and vegetarian food trucks.

As that weren’t enough we’ll do a collaboration on Sunday the 31st as well. Together with the huge event Återvinningsfesten we’ll arrange a cloth swap and a remake studio for all your precious finds that might have been a bit to big. If you’re up for something really tasty we’re doing a pop-up with Koloni – one of the most interesting restaurants in Stockholm. We’ll also give you the oppurtunity to try one of a kind ecological products that you can’t find anywhere in Stockholm.

Click HERE to attend Loppis 30 Maj

Click HERE to attend Återvinningsfesten


Johan Staël von Holstein, Nils von Heijne & Axel Nyhage Tonight at Summit Hitech


Welcome to FuckUp Night Stockholm tonight at Summit Hitech!

The road to success is never as straight forward as it may seem. Even the most admired men and women failed several times before achieving success. Yet those stories are never published in books or magazines, or exposed in forums. But they are at FuckUp Nights!

Meet the lovely speakers below. Welcome!

Johan Staël von Holstein, serial super star entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, business executive, lecturer, columnist and author. Johan Staël von Holstein has had many titles over the years. He has started businesses and conducted operations in no less than 26 different countries. He started Icon Medialab with 3,500 employees in 35 offices in 21 different countries and he predicted the growth of Internet trade early on and started In recent years, Johan created the successful business incubator IQube and the social network MyCube.”Speaker of the Year” and ”Best Internet Guru” are two of many awards Johan has received over the years.

Nils von Heijne, co-founder and CEO at OneSong etc.

Nils von Heijne is a digital visionary and serial entrepreneur. He is the resigning creative director/partner at digital agency Pronto, founder of social music app OneSong, founder of venture builder Svärd von Heijne, startup advisor and speaker.

Axel Nyhage, co-founder The Local Firm

Just like many other successful Swedish designers and fashion entrepreneurs, Axel began his career at the legendary clothing company JC.

In 2007 he, together with Richard Hutchinson, created The Local Firm- a brand that quickly became successful and was praised for its clean and sleek design, both in Sweden and internationally.

A few years later The Local Firm filed for bankruptcy and the founders have moved on with new challenges.


Attend to the event HERE

We’re having a baby!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 14.22.25

We’ve turned an attic into gold, we’re in the top of Stockholms most central skyscraper and we built eight boule courts on a rooftop. In September 2015 it’s time to open a ballroom, a cinema, a co-working café and 7 studios in a Stockholm signature building.

Summit are proud to announce that we’ll open our next Summit venue at one of Stockholms most iconic buildings – Tidnings Huset also known as DN Skrapan

Coming to Summit should be an experience.Our ambition is to always give our clients something beyond the expected. We want our facilities to feel cozy and familiar like one’s favorite neighborhood restaurant and at the same time as exciting and fun as an amusement park. If you like, you could say that Summit is just as much in the entertainment business as in the meeting and office business.

”We’re proud, we’re happy, we’re excited and we just want to open up right away to show you how amazing this really is.”

– Patrik Åström CEO and Owner

Bike season!

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We love the urban life and technology that makes our life in the city jungle a bit easier, or cooler.

Have a look at this amazing ride by Teague x Sizemore – imagine going in high speed through Stockholm!

It’s spring, perfect weather to ride a bike like this. Hopefully we’ll see you, or you’ll see us passing by on one of these in the morning traffic on our way to work.

Ride safe!

Click on the photo to see the video or just press HERE

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