Solna Business Park

New York has High Line – We have Summit Solna Business park, as easy a commute, but we can always promise good weather.

If you wish to picnic without worries of rain or having a great picnic basket for that matter.  Solna Business Park allows you to create your own park with 7 newly renovated and flexible rooms that give you the possibility to conduct meetings exactly as you wish. No need to worry about the rest, that we will organize – Our picnic basket  includes everything from great sandwiches to Big Parties!


Solna Business Park

Space Width Length Height Total area Projector Speakers Windows Session / Info
Bay Central 12 m m 16 m m 3,06 m m 150 sqm sqm Yes Yes Theatre 110 persons | Islands 80 persons | Board meeting 25 persons | U-Shape 30 persons | Classroom 60 persons
High Line 6 m 18 m 2.60 m 108 sqm sqm Yes Yes 0 Classroom 60 persons | U-Shape / Boardmeeting 32 persons | Islands 40 persons | Theatre 80 persons
Humlan 3 m m 6 m m 2.60 m m 18 sqm sqm No No Board meeting 10 persons
Lounge m m m sqm No Yes
Namba 6 m m 9 m m 2.60 m m 54 sqm sqm Yes Yes 4 Classroom 32 persons | U-Shape 16 persons | Board meeting 18 persons | Islands 30 persons | Theatre 60 persons
Rålis 3 m m 5 m m 2.60 m m 15 sqm sqm No No Office
Tanto 3 m m 5 m m 2.60 m m 15 sqm sqm No No Board meeting 10 persons |


We have declared war on run-of-the-mill, county-government-boring, one-size-fits-all meetings and conferences and events.

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We know what the ambience and  facility design and the rooms and the staff working at the place mean for a successful event.

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Where to Meet Is to Be Reborn a Little.

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