Skofabriken Hornstull

A clearly unusual, Southside facility.

  • Address Hornsbruksgatan 23, SE-117 34 Stockholm
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Imagine being handed a two-story slice of a hundred-year-old factory and told, you can do whatever you like with it designwise! That is exactly what happened to us, right at the heart of Stockholm’s trendy south bank (think: Manhattan’s Chelsea or TriBeCa.) The design theme we chose was Science, in all its forms. And the result is seven very unusual rooms – no exaggeration there – named after and designed around well-known persons in their fields of science, from Copernicus to Curie. And, did we mention the super cool bar and lounge?


Skofabriken Hornstull

Space Width Length Height Total area Projector Speakers Windows Session / Info
Copernicus 3,9 m 10,1 m 3,45 m 39,4 sqm Yes Yes 6 Classroom 22 persons
Jane Goodall 3,9 m 3,8 m 3,45 m 14,8 sqm Yes Yes 6 Round table for 8 persons | Video conference
Koestler 3,8 m 6,85 m 3,45 m 26 sqm Yes Yes 3 Board meeting 14 guests
Lounge 10,4 m 18,6m m 3,35 m 193,5 sqm Yes Yes 11 Seated dinner 100 guests and recommended mingle 150 guests
Marie Curie 5,45 m 11,2 m 3,45 m 60 sqm Yes Yes 9 Classroom 40 persons
Platon 5,45 m 7,75 m 3,45 m 40,6 sqm Yes Yes 6 Islands 20 persons | U-Shape / Board meeting 21 persons | Classroom 30 persons | Theatre 40 persons
Tycho Brahe 4,65 m 7,15 m 3,45 m 33 sqm Yes Yes 8 U-Shape 17 persons | Islands 20 persons | Classroom 26 persons | Theatre 30 persons


We have declared war on run-of-the-mill, county-government-boring, one-size-fits-all meetings and conferences and events.

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We know what the ambience and  facility design and the rooms and the staff working at the place mean for a successful event.

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