Kista Timebuilding

A modern meeting venue in Swedens answer to Silicon Valley

Tick tock, tick tock – A new idea is born each second when you’re in Europe’s answer to Silicon Valley. The true name of this location is Kista Science city is one of the worlds leading innovation centers in high technology. This is where you’ll find our latest meeting- and working venue: Summit Kista Timebuilding where we focus on time, where we know that every second counts and is important to you. Nowhere in northern Europe can you find as many IT and telecom companies as close to each other as here and this the biggest tech hub in Europe, top three in the world – Welcome to take part of the future!


Kista Timebuilding

Space Width Length Height Total area Projector Speakers Windows Session / Info
AM PM 9.40 m 12 m 3 m 110 sqm Yes Yes Theatre 90 guests | Classroom 60 guests | U-Shape 30 guests | Boardmeeting 30 guests
It’s Time 4.20 m 6.40 m 3 m 28 sqm Yes Yes 1 Board meeting 16 guests
FAST LANE 4.60 m 7.40 m 3 m 33 sqm Yes Yes 2 Board meeting 15 guests
Half Past 4 m 7 m 3 m 28 sqm Yes Yes 7 Board meeting 13 guests
Hour Tower 4.60 m 6 m 3 m 26 sqm Yes Yes 1 Board meeting 10 guests
In Five 4 m 9.20 m 3 m 37 sqm Yes Yes 8 Board meeting 24 guests
About Time 3.40 m 4 m 3 m 13 sqm Yes Yes 3 Board meeting 6 guests
SLOLO PARK 5.40 m 7.40 m 3 m 40 sqm Yes Yes 3 Board meeting 16
Quarter To 4 m 7 m 3 m 28 sqm Yes Yes 6 Board meeting 13 guests
Time Out 4 m 4.60 m 3 m 18 sqm Yes Yes 4 Board meeting 8 guests


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