About Summit

Summit can be summed up by its two slogans: “Where you should expect the unexpected,” and, “Where to meet is to be reborn a little.” That says it all.

Can you think of a higher goal?
Webster’s English dictionary defines the word summit as “the highest level or degree attainable.” The ultimate peak. Above the summit, there is nothing and nobody. In other words, with a company name like Summit, we have a lot to live up to. And we think we do.

Coming to Summit should be an experience.
Our ambition is to always give our clients something beyond the expected. We want our facilities to feel cozy and familiar like one’s favorite neighborhood restaurant and at the same time as exciting and fun as an amusement park. If you like, you could say that Summit is just as much in the entertainment business as in the meeting and conference business. 

“Good enough” is not enough at Summit.
The road to ruin is paved with complacency. Whether you are an atheist or not, God is in the details. There is always something that can be done better today than yesterday. At Summit, we all try to show up at work each morning thinking, What’s wrong with this picture – and then do something about it. (You can see who “we” are if you click on Contact.). Working at Summit is not like manning a supermarket checkout, it is a crusade against standard solutions, nine-to-five, and mediocrity!

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Where to Meet Is to Be Reborn a Little.

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